Black Porsche Inc.

A Legend In Its Own Time



The specific and primary purposes of Black Porsche Inc. are social and sports car events.

The general purpose and powers are to participate in and promote sports car events.

Black Porsche Inc. was founded by ten Black Porsche owners who, in September 1968, while attending the Monterey Jazz Festival in Monterey, Calif., decided to form a sports car club with the basic premise being only to own a Porsche and be of good character.  Many hours of discussions and preparation were required before BPI was organized and incorporated.  They contacted Porsche owners, shared their ideas with them and BPI gradually grew over the years.  As BPI grew, we involved ourselves in social and humanitarian activities, and through these events, Black Porsche Inc. has become known throughout the community.  We've received many letters and service awards for our outstanding service to the community.  Most car dealers in California and throughout the United States have heard about Black Porsche Inc.  Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, the designer of the Porsche automobile, met with members of BPI while visiting Germany and extended an invitation to us to visit the factory in Germany.

Annual activities include:
Hosting two dances per year. Weekend runs to Las Vegas Nevada, Palms Springs, and Monterey California. One day runs to Rosarito Beach Mexico, Willow Springs, San Diego, and Solvang California.  Charity walks for U.N.C.F. and Prostate Cancer.  Our Concours, Club picnic, Christmas party and our yearly Toy Drive.

Black Porsche Inc. (BPI) monthly meetings are held on the second Sunday of every month at 10:00 a.m. at the Chester Washington Golf Course Clubhouse, located at 120th & Western Avenue in Los Angeles California.

Information & message No. (310) 703-9111


An active member is a registered owner of a Porsche automobile who has been approved by the membership committee.  An active member shall have a valid driver's license and must show that they have insurance or financial liability.  An associate member is a person closely affiliated with a BPI active member.  Each active member can sponsor one associate member.

Dues: $100.00 per year - Active members 
          $   50.00 per year - Associate members 

For membership application & club information contact Dana Jackson, Director of Membership. (310) 703-9111
Black Porsche Inc.  is a nonprofit organization whose principal office is located in Los Angeles County in the State of California.  It is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes and has established its tax exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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